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· Phenomenology: Karol Wojtyła

· The Dialectic of Power and Law in International Relations

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· A Vade Mecum in International Criminal Justice

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Selected topics

The End of the Liberal World?

The global war on terror and the metaphysical enemy

The philosophy and politics of dialogue

The integrative approach to intercultural relations

The new social media and the reshaping of communication

Quo vadis, United Nations?

Sanctions and International Law

stimmtheit - Recht - Frieden

Global justice or global revenge?

Nation and Civilization in the Global Age

The politics of global powers

Civilization as instrument of world order?

Philosophical aspects of  globalization

The concept of the nation and the question of nationalism

World Order
and National Interest
Dialog der Zivilisationen u.  internationale Beziehungen
Normative Inconsistencies in the State System
The Evolution of the Palestine Problem and the Status of Jerusalem

Democracy in Times of War