Hans Köchler

New book releases 2021


The Geopolitics of Maritime Boundaries and the Dysfunctionality of the Law of the Sea

Studies in International Relations, Vol. XXXV

Vienna: International Progress Organization, 2020

The publication examines the development of international law since President Truman’s “Proclamation on the Continental Shelf” shortly after World War II, analyzes the problems that result from the expansion of national jurisdictions over vast areas of the sea, and describes the conflictual constellation in the Eastern Mediterranean, exemplified by the controversy around the Greek island of Kastellorizo.

106 pages, ISBN 978-3-900704-27-8
Expected date of delivery: February 2021



Austria, Neutrality and Non-alignment

Studies in International Relations, Vol. XXXVI

Vienna: International Progress Organization, 2021

Expanded version of a lecture delivered by the President of the International Progress Organization at the conference, “The Rise of Asia in Global History and Perspective: 60 Years after Belgrade – What Non-alignment in a Multipolar World?” at University of Le Havre, France, 11 February 2021.

59 pages, ISBN 978-3-909234-28-5
Date of publication: August 2021




The Swiss Lectures
World Order and the Rule of Law

Zurich: Verlag Zeit-Fragen, 2021

Revised and expanded English edition of transcripts of lectures delivered in Switzerland and of statements published in the Swiss magazine Zeit-Fragen (Current Affairs) in the period 2011-2021.

185 pages, ISBN 978-3-909234-25-7
Date of publication: August 2021


 هيدجر وريبة الكينونة    

Rabat: Dar Attaouhidi, 2021

First Arabic translation of "Das Gottesproblem im Denken Martin Heideggers;" "Der innere Bezug von Anthropologie und Ontologie: Das Problem der Anthropologie im Denken Heideggers;" and "Politik und Theologie bei Heidegger" by Hamid Lechhab. With an introduction by Prof. Mohamed Meziane (Morocco).

354 pages, ISBN 978-9920-659-16-1
te of publication: October 2021




Eine Dialogreihe mit dem österreichischen Philosophen Hans Köchler
für die marokkanische Zeitung Al-Massa

Moderator: Dr. Hamid Lechhab

Vienna: International Progress Organization, 2021

101 pages, ISBN 978-3-900704-30-8

Date of publication: December 2021



Challenges and Contradictions of World Order

A Reader

Selected papers published on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the International Progress Organization.

Studies in International Relations, Vol. XXXVII

Vienna: International Progress Organization, 2022

266 pages, ISBN 978-3-900704-29-2
Expected da
te of publication: January 2022