Hans Koechler Political and Philosophical Society


Hans Köchler Bibliography and Reader

Editor: Balbin, Fatemah Remedios C.

Co-editors: Andreas Oberprantacher and Christoph Wurnitsch

Editorial assistants: David Armstrong and Anne Groelz

2007, X + 216 pages, hardcover
ISBN: 978-971-93698-0-6 (Philippines)

ISBN: 978-3-900719-04-3 (Austria)

Hans Koechler Political and Philosophical Society: Manila, Philippines, 2007

Co-published with Foundation for Social Justice (Philippines) and Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Wissenschaft und Politik (Austria)

20,00 € (hardcover), 18,00 (softcover)


About this book

This book is a compendium of the works of the philosopher Hans Köchler spanning more than three decades and consisting of monographs, books edited, articles and reports, statements and memoranda issued at international conferences and roundtable meetings with undisputedly global impact, selected interviews and media coverage on the occasion of these international meetings.

For the scholar’s research on political philosophy, especially on the philosophy of international law, this volume provides an accurate and complete reference to Hans Köchler’s contributions. Special attention is given to Köchler’s latest masterpiece: Global Justice or Global Revenge? International Criminal Justice at the Crossroads. Also included are book reviews and publications about the author and comments from readers from different parts of the world.

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political philosophy

philosophy of law


dialogue of civilizations

United Nations

international criminal justice


Southeast Asia