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Preface by Hans R. Klecatsky

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Comments from readers on Hans Köchler’s writings on legal and political philosophy

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II.              II. Public lectures

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 B.    Reader

R. K. Raghavan

          Rendering Criminal Justice Globally   

Siddharth Varadarajan

           When Power Subverts the Law

Antonio Paris

           Hans Köchler and the Campaign for a More Democratic United Nations  

Abdulhusin M. Kashim

  • Civilizational Dialogue and the Synthesis towards the Islamic Direction  

  • Civilizational War and Peace Jihad in the Post-9/11 World  

  • The Right of Self-Determination within the War against Terror: Implications for the Muslims in the Philippines   

  • The Media and the Marginalization of the Minority: The Case of the Philippine Muslims

  • Muslim Mindanao: The Phenomenology of Hamletization in the Philippines

Andreas Oberprantacher
        Towards a Hermeneutics of Mutual Respect and Trans-cultural Understanding: Köchler’s Foundation of Civilizational  Dialogue 

 Carla Berg and Fatemah Remedios C. Balbin

        Shadow over Lockerbie: The Issue of Evidence in Terrorism Cases

 Fatemah Remedios C. Balbin           

  • Non-alignment: Its Relevance Today  

  • The Peace Process Agenda as a Measure of Good Governance

  • The Rights of Indigenous Peoples

  • Hans Köchler and the 2003 Invasion of Iraq 


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