308 pages, ISBN 3-8204-8843-X

Frankfurt a.M./Bern/New York: Peter Lang, 1987

The Crisis of Representative Democracy

Papers presented at the International Symposion on

The Crisis of Representative Democracy and Possible Alternatives

Geneva, 15-17 November 1985



  1. The History of the Concept of Representation
    Contributions by Hans R. Klecatsky, Michael Benedikt, Jean-Franšois Kervegan
  2. The Concept of Representation in European and American Political Thinking
    Contributions by Hans K÷chler, Joao C. Brum Torres, Jeffrey H. King

  3. The Deficiencies of the Western Representative System
    Contributions by William D. Perdue, Carlo Mongardini, J. J. Gleizal, Robert Charvin, Wilhelm Vossenkuhl, Rajab Boudabbous

  4. Conceptions of Democracy in the Third World
    Contributions by Bashir A. Malik, Themba Sono, P. F. Gonidec, Jean Ziegler

  5. The Alternatives
    Contributions by Anton Pelinka, Rolf Stolz, Milan Sahovic, Geoffrey Darnton, Francis Dessart