Conferment of the Doctorate of Humanities honoris causa to Dr. Hans Köchler

Mindanao State University, Marawi City, 1 September 2004

The doctorate was awarded in recognition of Dr. Köchler's contribution to the philosophical foundations of civilizational dialogue.

  • Diploma (facsimile)

  • Reading of decree

  • Ceremonies at Islamic City of Marawi

Hans Köchler listens to the reading of the decree by the Secretary of the Board of Regents.

From left: Mr. Omar Ali "Solitario," Mayor of Marawi City; Atty. Rasul Mustapha Dimakuta, Secretary to the Board of Regents of Mindanao State University; Dr. Hans Köchler; Ms. Panderanga, Regent of the Regional Dept. of Education.

Dr. Hans Köchler addresses the Board of Regents and Assembly of Mindanao State University after the conferment of the degree "Doctor of Humanities honoris causa." In the background: Prof. Lomala Dimaro, Head of the Dept. of International Relations, master of ceremonies.

Dr. Hans Köchler and the President of Mindanao State University, Dr. Camar Umpa, right.