Conference Session 1.2 (Academic), 24 April 2013, 9:30 a.m.

Prof. Hans Köchler, third from right at front of table, concludes his speech on "The International Progress Organization and the Dialogue among Civilizations and Religions (1972-2012)."

Text of Hans Köchler's report

Prof. Hans Köchler, right, at presiding table with session moderator Rabbi Ellen Weinberg Dreyfus (USA), former President of the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR), center, and Rev. Prof. Fadi Daou (Lebanon), Director of the Institut supérieur de sciences religieuses (USJ), Beirut.

Panelists of Session 1.2: Rabbi Ellen Weinberg Dreyfus (USA), moderator, center; Prof. Hans Köchler (Austria), President of the International Progress Organization, third from right; Prof. Laroussi Mizouri (Tunisia), former Minister of Religion of Tunisia, second from right; Rev. Prof. Fadi Daou (Lebanon), Director, Institut supérieur de sciences religieuses (USJ), fourth from left; Prof. Charles L. Cohen (USA), Professor of History and Religious Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison, third from left; Dr. Mohammad Habash (Syria), Director of the Center for Islamic Studies, Damascus, second from left.