International Forum

Dialogue of Civilizations and Harmonious World

jointly organized by World Public Forum "Dialogue of Civilizations" (WPFDC) and China Foundation for International Studies (CFIS)

Beijing, 11-13 July 2010

Hans Köchler speaking on "Dialogue of Civilizations and Requirements of a Just World Order," Huafeng Hotel, 12 July 2010.

At the podium, center: Vladimir Yakunin, Founding President of the WPFDC, President of Russian Railways; at his left: Zhang Deguang, President of CFIS, former Secretary-General of the Shangai Co-operation Organization (SCO); second from left: Oleg Atkov, Secretary-General of the WPFDC; at his left: Yu Zhenqi, Vice-President, China Foundation for International Studies (CFIS), Chairman of the session; third from right: Jagdish Chandra Kapur, Co-Chairman of the WPFDC, President of Kapur Surya Foundation (India); at his right: Sergey Shakray, Head of Office, Chamber of Accounts of the Russian Federation.

Peng Elite Club, Beijing, 12 July 2010

Ceremony in honour of the newly appointed Senior Advisory Council Members of Peng Elite Club

Second from left: Vladimir Yakunin, President of the World Public Forum "Dialogue of Civilizations;" next: Sergey Shakhray, Head of Office, Chamber of Accounts of the Russian Federation; Zhang Deguang, President of the China Foundation for International Studies; Walter Schwimmer, former Secretary-General of the Council of Europe, Chairman of the International Co-ordinating Committee of the WPFDC; Hans Köchler; President of the International Progress Organization. Far right: President of the Peng Elite Club, host of the ceremony; far left: master of ceremonies, former Miss China.

Summary of Hans Köchler's lecture