Union Theological Seminary, New York, NY, USA

World Without Empire

Conference and Peace Festival

jointly organized by Peace for Life, Union Theological Seminary, General Board of Global Ministries / United Methodist Church, World Student Christian Federation

23-24 April 2010

Dr. Hans Köchler addressing the members of the Continuation Committee of Peace for Life

Senate Hall,  Union Theological Seminary, 25 April 2010

From left: Bishop George Matthew (Indian Orthodox Church); Prof. Chung Hyung Kyung (Union Theological Seminary, USA); Dr. Hans Köchler, President of the International Progress Organization (Austria);  Ms. Omega Bula (Executive Secretary, Justice, Global and Ecumenical Relations unit, United Church of Canada); Prof. Lilia Solano (Coordinator, Projecto Justicia y Vida, Colombia); Ms. Carmencita Karagdag (Coordinator, Peace for Life, Philippines);  Ms. Eunice Santana (Director, Instituto Caribeño de Acción y Formación Ecuménica, Puerto Rico, former President of the World Council of Churches, Chairperson of the Continuation Committee).

Conference program