Hans Köchler: Normative Contradictions in the State System

Public -- Hosts:  Jonathan Krude and Lukas Fuchs

Friday, 12 February 2016, 19:30 - 21:00 (UTC)

Old Combination Room, Trinity College Cambridge

Apotheosis Trinity College Cambridge

We are excited to welcome Dr Hans Köchler, an eminent political thinker and accomplished veteran of the borderlands of philosophy and political reality.

His talk will be on the importance of normative contradictions for our understanding of geo-political conflicts. We will have the chance to discuss on the macroscopic consequences of philosophical tension.

Next to contributing numerous publications on a wide array of topics, the Professor at the University of Innsbruck has continuously brought his arguments into application. He is the founder and president of the International Progress Organisation, a think tank enjoying consultative status with the United Nations. Later, he fundamentally coined the debate on the interaction of cultures, introducing the notion of a Dialogue of Civilizations and was appointed as UN observer by Kofi Annan for the Lockerbie bombing trial.

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Lukas Fuchs

Prof Köchler coined the term 'Dialogue of Civilizations' and has since then been a fervent advocate for better understanding between the cultures. Find here a recent talk by Prof Köchler on this topic:

Dr. Hans Köchler is University Professor and holds the Chair of Political Philosophy and Philosophical Anthropology at the University of Innsbruck, ...