Apotheosis International -- Philosophical Retreat

Ideals of Our Time: Reconceptions of the Intellectual

 Elisabeth & Helmut Uhl Foundation, Buchnerhof above Bozen, South Tyrol, Italy, 10-17 July 2016

View from Buchnerhof towards Bozen and Etschtal

"Religious Dialogue in the Age of Fundamentalism?"
Professor Hans Köchler delivers lecture at Buchnerhof, 14 July 2016.

Hans Köchler, left, with student members of Apotheosis International, from left: Ms. Xenia Knoesel (Germany), Mr. Joël Christoph (France), Mr. Jeng Yang Chia (Singapore).

Dr. Hans Köchler, third from left, hiking with seminar participants, from left: Dr. Irmgard Griss, former President of the Supreme Court of Austria; Ms. Xenia Knoesel (Germany / BA student at University of Oxford); Mr. William Kaufhold (UK / Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of Cambridge); Mr. Jeng Yang Chia (Singapore / Chairman of the Wilberforce Society at Cambridge University); Mr. Joël Christoph (France / BA student at University College London).

Participants of the Philosophical Retreat at Buchnerhof, from left: Mr. Jonathan Krude (Germany / Chairman of Apotheosis International); Dr. Gunter Griss (Austria); Ms. Anna Maria and Dr. Rainer Uhl, Elisabeth & Helmut Uhl Foundation (Germany); Dr. Irmgard Griss (former President of the Supreme Court of Austria); Ms. Xenia Knoesel (Germany / University of Oxford); Mr. Joël Christoph (France / University College London); Ms. Julia M. Puaschnuder (Austria / IIASA - International Institute of Advanced Systems Analysis); Dr. Hans Köchler (Austria / International Progress Organization); Ms. Gretchen Dutschke-Klotz (Germany); Mr. Lukas Fuchs (Austria / Peterhouse, University of Cambridge); Mr. William Kaufhold (UK / MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Mr. Jeng Yang Chia (Singapore / University of Cambridge).

Discussion group at Buchnerhof, from left: Ms. Gretchen Dutschke-Klotz (Germany), Mr. Jonathan Krude (Trinity College, University of Cambridge, UK), Ms. Xenia Knoesel (University of Oxford, UK), Dr. Hans Köchler (Austria), Mr. Joël Christoph (University College London).

Dr. Hans Köchler, President of the International Progress Organization, and Joël Christoph, Economic Faculty, University College London.

Dr. Irmgard Griss, President of the Supreme Court of Austria (2007-2011) and independent candidate for the 2016 Presidential Elections, and Dr. Hans Köchler, President of the International Progress Organization, Vienna, sitting in front (first and second from right) at the open air auditorium of Buchnerhof, listen to the lecture of Joël Christoph (BA student at University College London) on Economy and Normativity (16 July 2016).

Hans Köchler at the porphyry quarry converted into an open air auditorium on the grounds of Buchnerhof.

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