Avusturya Türk İslam Kültür ve Sosyal Yardımlaşma Birliği (ATIB) / Turkish-Islamic Union in Austria

Orientation course for Turkish religious officials in Austria

Concluding ceremony and presentation of certificates

Vienna, 28 March 2012

Prof. Hans Köchler, Chair of Political Philosophy and Philosophical Anthropology, University of Innsbruck, speaking at the concluding ceremony. Right: Prof.  Susanne Heine, Director of the Dept. of Practical Theology and Psychology of Religion (Evangelical Theological Faculty), University of Vienna; left: Mr. Seyfi Bozkuş, Counsellor for Religious Affairs at the Turkish Embassy in Vienna, President of ATIB; second from left: Mr. İbrahim M. Yağli, Consul General of Turkey.

Prof. Hans Köchler presents the course certificate to a Turkish religious official participating in the orientation course. Looking on, center: Mr. Seyfi Bozkuş, President of ATIB.

Prof. Hans Koechler receives a copy of the Holy Qur'an from Mr. Seyfi Bozkuş, President of ATIB.

Seated, from right: Prof. Susanne Heine, University of Vienna; Prof. Hans Köchler, University of Innsbruck; Mr. İbrahim M. Yağli, Consul General of Turkey; Mr. Seyfi Bozkuş, President of ATIB;  Ambassador Dr. Marcus Bergmann, Head of the Department of Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue, Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Text of lecture of Prof. Köchler on "Religion and Politics in Austria and Europe"

News release of ATIB