Hans Köchler

Global Justice or Global Revenge?

International Criminal Justice at the Crossroads

Vienna/New York: Springer, 2003

Istanbul: Alkim Yayinevi, 2005 (Turkish)

New Delhi: Manak, 2005

Casablanca: Top Éditions, 2009 (Arabic)


* * *


"What we have on hand [in regard to the International Criminal Court] is a bold experiment that will be watched with great interest everywhere. If it has to succeed even modestly, member nations will have to display objectivity, courage and maturity. On the contrary, misguided endorsement of the U.S. intransigence could be ruinous and utterly dangerous to nations whose resources are limited and who are weighed down by the compulsions of geopolitics. They need to take Köchler seriously. Dissecting the ICC model with great dexterity, the Austrian professor successfully promotes interest in a subject that is of the utmost relevance. I would like to see many Indian scholars emulating Prof. Köchler whose work unmistakably bears the stamp of scholarship and clarity of thinking."

R. K. Raghavan (former Director General of India's Central Bureau of Investigation [CBI], New Delhi), Frontline, India's National Magazine


"Your book will be remembered as one of the most scholarly works of the early period of the 21st century and as arguing forcefully for the prerequisites of a better world."

"Prof. Köchler's book is not only a scholarly investigation into the past and present of criminal justice, but also a well-timed warning that the lessons from experience may not be in vain. … The book is a vade mecum that may be synopsized as 'Justice, Not Revenge!'"

Dr. Türkkaya Ataöv, Professor emeritus of International Relations, University of Ankara, Turkey


"The book is of high value for the jurist and legal scholar ... in so far as Köchler undertakes to drawing the precarious distinction between law and lawless violence more precisely."

Dr. HANS R. KLecatsky, former Federal Minister of Justice of Austria, Professor emeritus of Public Law, University of Innsbruck, Austria (book

review in Juristische Blätter, Vienna)


"It was an honour and privilege to have received copy of your latest book on Global Justice or Global Revenge. It is certainly thought-provoking with meaningful philosophical reflections and provides rich materials for reference and research."

Justice Ameurfina M. Herrera, Chancellor, Philippine Judicial Academy, Manila


"… an extremely important and timely book which seeks to provide the correct perspectives on issues such as humanitarian intervention …"

C. Jayaraj, Secretary-General, Indian Society of International Law, New Delhi


"Prof. Köchler insists - and proves - that universal jurisdiction should be the prerogative of a permanent international court operating on a non-discriminatory basis. His scholarly work shows the light at the end of the tunnel."

 ÖZLEM KAPTAN, Uludağ University, Bursa, Turkey


 "I think it the best book I have read on the subject and I have recommended it to several people."

Christopher Black, Defense Counsel at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, Toronto

"I congratulate you on the impressive scholarly analysis of the fundamental problems of international criminal justice (...) There cannot be a more competent and apppropriate weakup-call about these issues."

DR. JOHANN RZESZUT, former President, Supreme Court of Austria, Vienna